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The SWRA Operating Board is responsible for the operations of the airport. After many years of stewardship by its owner, the City of Kelso, the airport is now operating as a regional aviation facility. From its humble beginnings on a former dairy farm in the 1930's, the airport has grown to its current configuration and continues to contribute to the economy of Cowlitz County and the Lower Columbia Region.

Interesting tidbits related to the airport include Molt Taylor, inventor of the Aerocar. The airfield is named after him. Maggie Davis, an early aviation pioneer and airport FBO, held the record for teaching the most people how to fly. The airport continues in the tradition of supporting aviation with as very active Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter No. 1111. The chapter sponsors the Young Eagles Program, whose purpose is to introduce aviation to young students, complete with short flights with experienced pilots. Finally, the Mt. St. Helens Chapter of the Civil Air Patrol operates on the airport with over 20 cadets in the program.